Accredited Auto Transport LLC is a fully licensed and bonded auto transport brokerage, and we are Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  In addition to auto transport, our parent company, The Logistics Firm LLC, specializes in all types of business to business freight transportation.  So, from autos to steel, produce and everything in between, we have you covered!

The auto transport industry, as you may already know, can be an oftentimes frustrating marketplace for the consumer.  There are a lot of, let’s say “not so ethical” companies and agents out there who promise the world for very cheap prices.  Unfortunately, the clients fall victim to these snake oil sales pitches.  More times than not, the result is an experience that ends up costing much more money, causes perpetual lies, and leaves the client dissatisfied and with a nasty opinion of the industry as a whole.

At Accredited Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on two things.  Ethics and Customer Service.  The owner and management hold every employee and agent of Accredited to the highest ethical and service standards.  We have a very strict zero tolerance policy regarding anything that could be construed as misleading or unethical.  With our team, you will always be treated with the respect you deserve.  Without our Clients, we are nothing.  Let us show you the level of service we provide by requesting a quote today!